Murus T-1-11-2100PUR

MURUS T-1-11-2100PUR

(OSB/PUR Foam Core/OSB/T-1-11)

# 2145 2155
Overall Thickness: 4-3/4″ 5-3/4″
Thickness Tolerance: +/- 1/8″ *
Width: 48″ *
Width Tolerance:
(Finish Size)
+0/-1/8″ *
Standard Lengths:
8,9 (10′ available by special order) *
Length Tolerance: +/- 1/4″ *
Weight: 5.85 lb/sf 6.05 lb/sf
Insulating Core
Type: Polyurethane closed cell foam
Thickness: 3-11/16″ 4-11/16″
Density: 2.2 lb/cu.ft. *
R-value 6.9 per inch thickness *
Insulating Core Properties 4Design Values
K Factor:
(aged foam)
.145 ASTM C-518
Compressive Strength: 21 psi ASTM D-1621
Compressive 1MOE: 566 psi ASTM D-1621
Shear Strength: 25 psi ASTM C-273
Shear Modulus: 199 psi ASTM C-273
Flexure 2MOR
40 psi ASTM C-203
Flexure Modulus
530 psi ASTM C-203
Tensile Strength: 44 psi ASTM D-1623
Tensile Modulus: 831 psi ASTM D-1623
Perm Inches:
1.4 ASTM E-96
Foam Fire Rating: Class 1 **UL723
Flame Spread: 20 **UL723
Smoke Developed 250-400 **UL723
1MOE: Modulus of Elasticity 2MOR: Modulus of Rupture 3MD: Machine Direction 4Design Values are mean derived from multiple specimens
*Specification or value is the same as the T-1-11-2145/PUR Panel
**UL723 is not necessarily a representation of performance in an actual fire.
Class 1 is the highest rating available for combustible materials.
Outside Skins
Exterior: APA or equivalent listed oriented strand board (OSB) meeting PS 2-04 requirements
Grade: Exposure-1
Thickness: 7/16″
Interior: T-1-11 pine plywood
Grade: 303-6, 8″ on center face pattern
Thickness: 5/8″