Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits of Murus SIPs

Feature Benefit
Superior insulating value No air infiltration or stratification for exceptional living comfort and reduced energy costs—significantly lower than traditional construction
Solid foam core construction available in Polyurethane, EPS, and GPS Superior energy efficiency, excellent structural properties
Wide selection of R-values Design for specific climate; lower energy bills than traditional construction
Comprehensive range of thicknesses, widths, and lengths. Design flexibility and faster construction timeframes
Variety of skin configurations and finish-ready surfaces Suitable for a wide range of projects and applications
Built-in electrical chases Ease of electrical wiring; reduces subcontractor time on site
Excellent performance properties Durability over time, Class I fire rating, homeowner peace of mind
Ideal for most Green building projects Contributes to points under the LEED and NGBS certification programs.
Factory CNC pre-cutting Reduces installation time and virtually eliminates on-site panel material waste
Environmental stewardship Uses only wood from fast-growing renewable sources, preserves forests
Total client support Provides reliable technical support to construction, engineering and architectural professionals