SIPs Innovation

Murus remains at the forefront of the structural insulated panel industry because of our commitment to innovation. Whether involving new products, new approaches to manufacturing, or new developments in customer support, Murus innovations continue to benefit architects, design professionals, builders, homeowners—and the environment.

Design Advances in SIP Technology

Murus engages in ongoing research and development that results in innovative products and significant advancement in SIP technology. A few examples:

Specially Formulated Insulation

We developed the polyurethane foam system in Murus PUR SIPs to achieve high performance in three areas: R-value, structural properties, and fire resistance. Our unique “Uniform Dispersion Molding” method injects foam evenly from top to bottom and side to side in each insulated panel. Combined with equalized pressure, a spherical—rather than elongated—cell is produced in the foam, providing uniform consistency and strength in all directions.

Patented Cam-Lock Connectors

Murus invented the cam-lock connection system for our Murus PUR SIPs. The design creates a uniform seal between panels that helps eliminate possible air and moisture infiltration. Cam-Locks, in conjunction with the tongue and groove profile of the foam core edge, enhance the creation of an exceptionally strong, superior building envelope.

Murus will continue to develop and engineer advances that boost energy efficiency, benefit the environment, increase strength, reduce construction time, and improve overall performance.