Total Client Support

Total Client Support (for Murus SIPs)

To complement our superior products, Murus created Total Client Support, a program designed to provide service for the duration of a project. Customers gain access to a team of technical professionals and a range of resources including:

  • Design and Engineering
    Support and information for builders, including product specifications, structural capabilities, connection details, and fastening requirements.
  • Technical Drawings
    Support for professionals, from direction and details to complete construction drawings specific to each job.
  • Precut Panels
    Murus can deliver precut Structural Insulated Panels that speed and simplify construction. Using state-of-the-art, computerized CNC equipment, Murus cuts wall or roof sections to overall dimensions, creates window and door openings, and routs the foam core to accommodate inlet plates and nailers. Precut Murus SIPs are labeled for easy field identification.
  • On-Site Technical Assistance
    An on-site Technical Assistant can be made available as an option for job-site consultation.