Murus Introduces Jumbo Structural Insulated Panels


The Murus Company, Inc. now offers jumbo-sized Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). The company recently added a fully automated, computer controlled production line that went online in their Mansfield, PA factory March 15, 2013. The new equipment can produce SIP panels in widths up to 9 feet, lengths up to 24 feet, and thicknesses up to 17 inches.

According to General Manager Jamie Jenkins, “Industry and customer demand encouraged Murus to add jumbo SIP manufacturing capability. Jumbo SIPs will further complement our leading lineup of products and services. There is an ever-growing segment of the construction industry that prefers building with SIPs and wants to increase time and labor savings even more through the use of jumbo panels.”

Murus SIPs use construction methods that offer critical advantages over traditional stick-frame construction. The insulated panel system allows for shorter timeframes, quicker enclosure, and significantly reduced labor costs. SIPs have been proven to reduce framing labor by as much as 55%. Murus SIPs also offer engineered energy savings, including significantly lower lifetime heating and cooling costs compared with traditional construction. Murus homeowners can be assured they will save on energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants without sacrificing performance or comfort.

Jenkins added that “The new line can produce up to 50,000 square feet of product per day and will enable Murus to meet the industry’s ever-increasing demand for energy efficient SIPs. With jumbo SIPs, Murus now offers more SIP products than any other manufacturer in the country. Murus can supply jumbo SIPs using either standard EPS or NEOPOR® EPS foam cores. As always, our industry-leading flagship line of Polyurethane foam core panels will continue to be available in four-foot widths.”

The Murus Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Structural Insulated Panels, high performance building panels used for wall, roof, and floor applications in residential and light commercial construction. SIPs are composite panels of interior and exterior structural sheathing with rigid plastic solid-core insulation.