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Precut Structural Insulated Panels

Murus offers precut structural insulated panels that reduce waste and save construction time.

With Murus pre-cut panels, builders gain a ready-to-assemble system that speeds construction and virtually eliminates jobsite panel waste.

Precut SIPs Save Time

Our commitment to technology enables Murus to offer state-of-the-art, CNC factory pre-cutting of our SIPs, a process that cuts installation time and virtually eliminates on-site panel waste. Our pre-cut panels arrive at the jobsite labeled and ready to assemble.

Here's how it works:

  • Murus develops panel pre-cut drawings using architectural drawings and specifications provided by the architect, builder, or client.
  • Once the drawings have been approved, the dimensions for window and door openings, edge routs, bevels, and any other cutting requirements are programmed electronically into our state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) pre-cutting equipment. This precision pre-cutting equipment is a fully automated, gantry-style system designed for cutting accuracy.
  • The size of our CNC machine (the largest in the United States) enables Murus to assemble whole wall or roof sections on the cutting table and cut as one unit. This ensures alignment integrity from panel to panel.
  • After cutting, the section is disassembled and each panel is labeled to correspond to the Panel Pre-cut drawings for identification and assembly on the jobsite.