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Murus remains at the forefront of the structural insulated panel industry because of our commitment to innovation. Whether it involves new products, new approaches to manufacturing, or new developments in customer support, Murus innovations continue to benefit architects, builders, homeowners—and the environment.

Design Advances

Murus engages in ongoing research and development that results in innovative products and significant advancement in SIP technology. We will continue to develop advances that boost energy efficiency, benefit the environment, increase strength, reduce construction time, and improve overall performance.

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Manufacturing Methods

Murus has developed manufacturing approaches designed to meet important goals: the creation of superior products, continuous improvement in the energy efficiency of our SIPS, and the pursuit of the highest quality possible. Our dual focus on innovation and quality leads to a better customer experience—and better structures.

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Precut Panels

Our commitment to technology enables Murus to offer state-of-the-art CNC factory pre-cutting of our SIPs, an automated process that cuts installation time and virtually eliminates on-site panel waste. Our pre-cut panels arrive at the jobsite labeled and ready to assemble. With Murus pre-cut SIPs, builders gain a ready-to-assemble system that speeds construction and virtually eliminates jobsite waste.

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Customer Support

At Murus, our innovative approach extends well beyond the manufacturing process. We created Total Client Support, a comprehensive, start-to-finish program that provides engineering support and more. It’s an industry-leading program for supporting architects, engineers, builders, and homeowners.

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