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Green Building with SIPs

Murus Structural Insulated Panels are ideal for GREEN building projects

Murus has always been concerned for our environment and natural resources. We are proud that our products help ensure continued comfort of our homes and buildings without sacrificing the integrity of our environment. Because Murus SIPs contribute significantly to a reduction in heating and cooling loads, they contribute to decreased consumption of fossil fuels. The reduction positively impacts the structure's carbon footprint and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, thus helping to save our limited fossil fuel resources. Murus SIPs are ideal for green, sustainable building projects.


The OSB used to make Murus Structural SIPs is made from fast-growing, renewable softwood and hardwood…

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Air Quality

Murus SIPs have been designed to maintain a structure’s indoor air quality. Murus foam cores do not contain formaldehyde, CFCs, or HCFCs.

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Reduce Waste

Murus Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are manufactured specifically for each and every job, and panel layouts provide the most efficient use of Structural Insulated Panel material.

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Murus SIPs can contribute a significant number of points to LEED green building projects. For more information, see the MURUS SIP Green Building Certification Guide.

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Certification Guide

The green building movement continues to gain momentum as more builders and owners embrace the value of environmentally conscious approaches. Architects and specifiers have embraced green principles, leading them to seek out products that enable them to design sustainable structures. Often, they rely on specific data that demonstrates how a product will contribute to widely accepted green building standards.

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